MFC Full Form Name

MFC Full Form is Microsoft Foundation Classics

MFC Full Form / Abbreviation Category MFC Terms
Microsoft Foundation Classics Funny MFC
Master of Finance and Control Academic Degree MFC
microfunctional circuit Government MFC
Microsoft Foundational Class Unit of Measurement MFC
Millennium Foundation of Canada Organization MFC
multi-function console, 7 Government MFC
Masters of Finance and Control Educational Degree MFC
Minnesota Family Council Other MFC
meteorological and oceanographic forecast center Government MFC
Microsoft Foundation Classes Information Technology MFC
Manulife Financial Other MFC
Mafeteng Airport Code MFC
Middlesbrough Football Club Other MFC
Military Fest Certificates Military MFC
Multi Function Center Computer Networking MFC
Microsoft Frustration Classes Funny MFC
Microsoft Foundations Class Computing MFC
Mountville Fire Company Community MFC
Mini Fast Car Transportation MFC
missile fire control Government MFC
Microsoft Foundation Class Computer Software MFC
Minstrels For Christ Religious MFC
Maximum Fighting Championship Other MFC
Missouri Flat Creek Local State MFC
Multinational Force Commander Military and Defence MFC
MONABARI Indian Railway Station MFC
Manulife Financial Corporation NYSE Symbol MFC
Manulife Financial Corp Other MFC
Mackenzie Financial Corporation Business Firm MFC
Margaret Fulton Centre Medical MFC
Mass Flow Controller Electronics MFC
Multiple Flight Controller Space Science MFC
Mafeteng, Lesotho Regional Airport Code MFC
Milford Family Care Medical MFC
Multifunction Computers Military MFC
Mature Fan Club Film Censorship MFC
Merge From Current Computer Assembly MFC
Many Fast Cars Transportation MFC
Mafeteng airport Regional Airport Code MFC
message formatting committee Government MFC

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