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What does MFL stand for

MFL Full Form / Abbreviation Category MFL Terms
Maui Football Links Sports MFL
Mcadoo Football League Sports MFL
Major (or Master) Force List Military MFL
master force list Government MFL
Multiple Folded Ladar Military and Defence MFL
Blackrock MuniHoldings Investment Quality Fund NASDAQ Symbol MFL
Metroplex Flag Football League Sports MFL
Micro- Fabrication Laboratory University MFL
Modern Foreign Languages Educational Degree MFL
Money For Life Funny MFL
Madden Football League Sports MFL
Muniholdings Florida Insured Fund NYSE Symbol MFL
Magnectic Flux Leakage Physics Related MFL
My Fair Lady Media MFL
Multi - Function Linkpro Softwares MFL
Mechanical Feedback Loop Electronics MFL
MISRAULI Indian Railway Station MFL
Micro-fabrication Laboratory Electronics MFL
Mount Full Stop Airport Code MFL
Mt. Full Stop, Queensland, Australia Regional Airport Code MFL
Mail-in Fishing License Sports MFL

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