MG Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MG Full Form is Morris Garages

MG Full Form / Abbreviation Category MG Terms
Morris Garages Business Firm MG
Meridian Gallery Organization MG
Management Group Computer and Networking MG
Major General Military MG
mass gathering Local State MG
Mesotrophic Grassland Earth Science MG
Medea Group Organization MG
Middle Gimbal Space Science MG
Metal Gear Business Product MG
Malignant Glioma Oncology MG
Managing Gigabytes Computing MG
Mary Grace Names and Nicknames MG
Memphis Group Business Firm MG
Mitra's Group Organization MG
Magnesium Chemistry MG
Marketing Goddess Job Title MG
Money Guzzler Funny MG
Morris Garage Other MG
military government, 6 Government MG
MODELGRAM Indian Railway Station MG
Music Group Business Firm MG
machine-gun Government MG
milligram Acedemic & Science MG
myasthenia gravis Medical MG
Medical Group Business Firm MG
Muscle group Physiology MG
Meteor Garden Astronomy MG
Minimum Guarantee Telecom MG
Mort's Great Funny MG
Modified Gypsum Chemistry MG
Musical Group Business Firm MG
Mahatma Gandhi Popular MG
Metal Gate Electronics MG
Morton Goldberg Popular MG
Magic Gate Science Fiction MG
My Guess Internet Slang MG
Machine Gun Military MG
Might Go Transportation MG
Marketing Guru Funny MG
Megagrams Measurement Unit MG
Milligrams Unit of Measurement MG
Master Gardener Business Position MG
multigage Government MG
Manufactured goods Electronics MG
Metre Gauge Maths MG
Many Girls University MG
My Guy Internet Slang MG
Generic Module Source (modula-3) File Type MG
Man Of God Business Position MG
More Gardens! Organization MG
motor generator Government MG
Minas Gerais, Brazil Country Specific MG
Malki Global Organization MG
Message Generator Military and Defence MG
Master Group Telecommunication MG
Mahatma Ghandi Popular MG
Mistras Group Inc NASDAQ Symbol MG
Madagascar Countries MG
Malagasy Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode MG
Minas Gerais Regional MG
Media Gateway Computer and Networking MG
Mobile Generator Space Science MG

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