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MLA Full Form / Abbreviation Category MLA Terms
Mumbles Lovers Anon Funny MLA
Manufacturing License Agreement International Business MLA
Multi Level Advertising Business MLA
Malta, Valletta Airport Code MLA
Modern Language Association Media MLA
Major League Arc Sports MLA
Mdm (manipulator Deployment Mechanism) Launch Aft Space Science MLA
Luqa airport Regional Airport Code MLA
Mailing List Archives Internet MLA
Members of Lunatic Asylum Funny MLA
Master of Landscape Architecture Academic Degree MLA
Military Legislative Assistant Military MLA
Master Littering Association Funny MLA
Malta, Malta Regional Airport Code MLA
Mercury Laser Altimeter NASA MLA
Member of Legislative Assembly Indian Politics MLA
Multilateral Lending Agency Banking MLA
Mission Load Allowance Military and Defence MLA
main lobe blanking Government MLA
magic lantern adaption Government MLA
Market Level Adjustment Stock Exchange MLA
Magnetic Linear Accelerator Physics Related MLA
Modern Language Abbreviation Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode MLA
Monochrome Lens Assembly Space Science MLA
Multiple Letter Acronyms Media MLA
Muslim League for Accountability Organization MLA
Medical Library Association Medical MLA
Mandated Lead Arranger Music MLA
mean line of advance Government MLA
military liaison assistant , 5 Government MLA
Member of the Legislative Assembly Local State MLA
Monitoring Logging Agent Networking MLA

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