MLS Full Form Name

MLS Full Form is My Little Sister

MLS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryMLS Terms
My Little SisterInternet SlangMLS
multilanguage systemGovernmentMLS
Microwave Landing SystemTransportationMLS
Macrolides Lincosamides And StreptograLaboratoryMLS
Mainstay Life ServicesOrganizationMLS
Make League StuffFunnyMLS
Marie Louise ShewPopularMLS
Multiple List ServiceComputingMLS
Multiple Listing SystemUniversityMLS
Master of Labour StudiesEducational Degree in ArtsMLS
multilevel securityGovernmentMLS
machine literature searchingGovernmentMLS
Men Loving SquadFunnyMLS
Multi- Layer SwitchingComputer NetworkingMLS
Multi List ServiceBusinessMLS
Michigan Legal ServicesNon-Profit OrganizationMLS
MALASAIndian Railway StationMLS
Master of Library ScienceAcademic DegreeMLS
More Lousy SoccerFunnyMLS
Medical Laboratory ScienceAcademic DegreeMLS
multi-level secure defense data networkGovernmentMLS
Massachusetts Library SystemOtherMLS
Multi-level SecurityComputer HardwareMLS
Multi-language SupportSoftwaresMLS
Major League SoccerSportsMLS
Moore's Lane SurgeryMedicalMLS
Multiple Location SchedulingBusinessMLS
Matching Load SystemElectronicsMLS
multi-level securit, 6GovernmentMLS
Mac's Last StandFunnyMLS
Multi Level SecurityComputer SecurityMLS
Mysterious Little SquirrelFunnyMLS
Muzzle Loading SmoothboreMilitaryMLS
Multi-layer SwitchingNetworkingMLS
Multiple Listing ServiceCommunityMLS
Marvin Land Systems, Inc.Business FirmMLS
Maximum Length SequenceMathematicsMLS
Miles City, Montana USARegional Airport CodeMLS
Michigan Lutheran SeminaryMiscMLS
Miles City (mt)Airport CodeMLS
Multi Lingual ScholarBusiness PositionMLS
Mills CorporationNYSE SymbolMLS
Multiple Licensing ServiceComputer SecurityMLS
My Lucky StarMiscMLS
Maximum Long StringComputer Assembly LanguageMLS
Meyer Listing SystemsBusiness FirmMLS
Magnetic Levitation SystemPhysics RelatedMLS
Movimiento de LiberaciĆ³n de SeptaSpanishMLS

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