MO Full Form Name

MO Full Form is Move

MO Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryMO Terms
MoveSpace ScienceMO
Modula-3 Object FileFile TypeMO
MoldavianRegional 2 Letter LanguageCodeMO
Molecular OrientedChemistryMO
maintenance officerGovernmentMO
Mars ObserverNASAMO
MondayDay's AbbreviationMO
MonthUnit of MeasurementMO
money orderGovernmentMO
Manned OrbiterSpace ScienceMO
MarcoGovernment SupplierMO
manpower office, 11GovernmentMO
Philip Morris Companies, Inc.NYSE SymbolMO
Magneto OpticalElectronicsMO
Maintenance And OperationComputingMO
Mid-deck OverheadSpace ScienceMO
Momentum OnNASAMO
Marketing OfficerJob TitleMO
Mustard OilFoodMO
Multi ObjectiveMilitaryMO
Mobility OrderMilitary and DefenceMO
Meteorological OfficeMeteorologyMO
Metal OxideChemistryMO
Method Of OperationMilitaryMO
Managed ObjectsMilitaryMO
Master of ObstetricsEducational DegreeMO
Micheal ObarasChemistryMO
Macao, Special Administrative Region of ChinaCountry NamesMO
Maintenance OperatorJob TitleMO
Mission OperationsNASAMO
Medical OddityPhysiologyMO
Managed ObjectTelecomMO
Maintenance OperationsMilitary and DefenceMO
Majority OpinionUS GovernmentMO
Mathematical OperationMathsMO
Modifier OxideChemistryMO
manual outputGovernmentMO
Altria GroupNASDAQ SymbolMO
Mikecli OrganizationOrganizationMO
Master of ObsolescenceFunnyMO
Modus OperandiLawMO
master oscillatorGovernmentMO
Manual OrientationSpace ScienceMO
Mobile OriginatedComputer and NetworkingMO
Meta ObjectComputingMO
Medical OfficerLaboratoryMO
Manually OperatedComputer HardwareMO
MOHOLIndian Railway StationMO
Multiplayer OnlineInternetMO
Magneto - OpticComputer DriverMO
Major ObjectiveSpace ScienceMO
Manufacturing OrderSpace ScienceMO
Molecular OrbitalAccountingMO
Medulla OblongataPhysiologyMO
MomentPhysics RelatedMO
morbid obesityBritish MedicineMO
Mail OrderUSPSMO
Mineral OilFoodMO
Master of OsteopathyEducational DegreeMO
morphineBritish MedicineMO

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