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MOB Full Form / Abbreviation Category MOB Terms
MANOHARABAD Indian Railway Station MOB
mobilization, 7 Government MOB
Mother of The Bride Job Title MOB
Mobility Transportation MOB
Members Own Board Business Firm MOB
Middle Of Beach Geology MOB
Make Or Break US Government MOB
Mail Order Bride Business Position MOB
Men Of Business Business Firm MOB
Mobilization Military MOB
Music Over Business Music MOB
Marching Owl Band Other MOB
Museum Of Brisbane Museum MOB
main operationing base Government MOB
Making Ourselves Better Education MOB
Medical Office Building Healthcare MOB
Man Overboard Military and Defence MOB
Minions Of Bagpuss Funny MOB
Money over Broads Texting MOB
Mother Of Bride Community MOB
Memory Organization Benchmark Computing MOB
Men Of Beer Funny MOB
Device definition (PEN Windows) File Extension MOB
missile order of battle Government MOB
Mobile, Alabama USA Regional Airport Code MOB
memory-order buffer Government MOB
Musicians Of Broadjam Music MOB
Monster or Beast Hobby MOB
Mobile Force Military and Defence MOB
Metal Outlet Box Computer Hardware MOB
Rice University Marching Owl Band Music MOB
Mobile (al) Airport Code MOB
military order of battle Government MOB
mobilize Government MOB
Mobile Offshore Base Military MOB
Motivational Organization of Belmont Education MOB
Mobile Rgnl airport Regional Airport Code MOB
Main Operating Base Military and Defence MOB
Mail Order Brides Business Position MOB
Man Over Board Military MOB
Mouths Of Babes Internet Slang MOB
Pen Windows Device Definition File Type MOB
My Own Body Physiology MOB

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