MP Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MP Full Form is Medium Prismatic

MP Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryMP Terms
Medium PrismaticPhysics RelatedMP
matrix proteinBritish MedicineMP
Managing PartnerJob TitleMP
Motion PictureMediaMP
Melting PointElectronicsMP
Mission PlannerSpace ScienceMP
myelopathyBritish MedicineMP
Minor PlanetNASAMP
Magnetic ParticlePhysics RelatedMP
Market PlaceStock ExchangeMP
Mega PixelsUnit of MeasurementMP
maintenance procedureGovernmentMP
Mischievous PeaseFunnyMP
Mentors PlusOrganizationMP
Management PackageSpace ScienceMP
Map PackMilitaryMP
Might PlaySportsMP
Ministry for PeaceOrganizationMP
Monetary PolicyBankingMP
Metal ParticulateChemistryMP
ManpackMilitary and DefenceMP
Military PolicePoliceMP
Make ParameterComputer Assembly LanguageMP
Modular PoweredMilitary and DefenceMP
Mobile PhonesOtherMP
Marginal ProductBusinessMP
Multipoint Processor (H.323)Computer and NetworkingMP
maintenance planningGovernmentMP
membrane potentialBritish MedicineMP
military personnelGovernmentMP
Movement PenaltySportsMP
myeloperoxidaseBritish MedicineMP
maneuver programGovernmentMP
Multi PointNetworkingMP
Ministerio PúblicoGuatemalanMP
Mystery PogFunnyMP
Mom PopsInternet SlangMP
main phaseGovernmentMP
Millennium Peace 2000OrganizationMP
Magic PacketFunnyMP
materiel professional , 24GovernmentMP
Material for PromotionJob TitleMP
Multi PrecisionComputer Assembly LanguageMP
Measuring PointSpace ScienceMP
Madhya PradeshElectronicsMP
Union Pacific Railroad CompanyRegional RailroadMP
Multi ProcessingComputingMP
Members of Parliamentormilitary Military and DefenceMP
Magic PointsSportsMP
Multi ProcessorComputingMP
My PleasureInternet SlangMP
metoprololBritish MedicineMP
Memorial PavilionMedicalMP
Metropolis ProjectOrganizationMP
Multi PhononElectronicsMP
Metroid PrimeBusiness FirmMP
Missouri PreservationOrganizationMP
Modular PortalNetworkingMP
Mind PointsMilitary and DefenceMP
Mobile ProcessorTelecommunicationMP
Missing PersonLawMP
Mohonk PreserveOrganizationMP
Mana PointsSportsMP
multiple processorsGovernmentMP
Master PlanMilitaryMP
Metal ParticleChemistryMP
Military Police (army and Marine)Military and DefenceMP
Machu PicchuOrganizationMP
Monolith ProductionsBusiness FirmMP
Massively ParallelComputingMP
Mod PackageSpace ScienceMP
More PensionJob TitleMP
mitral prolapseBritish MedicineMP
manpower and personnelGovernmentMP
molecular pathologyBritish MedicineMP
Multi ProtocolComputer NetworkingMP
Mass PropertiesNASAMP
Multifunction PanelSpace ScienceMP
Modulation ParameterComputer and NetworkingMP
Mega Pixel OtherMP
Multieditor ProfessionalJob TitleMP
Member of ParliamentPoliceMP
manpower planGovernmentMP
mission profileGovernmentMP
mobilization planGovernmentMP
Mountain PatrolLawMP
Machine PistolMilitaryMP
My ProblemUniversityMP
Movement PlannerMilitary and DefenceMP
Multiple ProcessorComputingMP
MELAPPALAIYAMIndian Railway StationMP
maintenance planGovernmentMP
Monty PythonFunnyMP
Mr PiggyFunnyMP
Maximum PowerElectronicsMP
Mobility PlusMilitary and DefenceMP
Mile PointSportsMP
Medium PressureChemistryMP
Meteorology PanelSpace ScienceMP
Multi PhysicsPhysics RelatedMP
Multi PurposeMilitaryMP
Movie (mpeg Compressed)File TypeMP
Money PitAccountingMP
Marshalling PointsMilitary and DefenceMP
my placeTextingMP
male pseudohermaphroditismBritish MedicineMP
Modal ParticlePhysics RelatedMP
Manuj PremOrganizationMP
Metal PoorChemistryMP
minimum phaseGovernmentMP
message processingGovernmentMP
Message PassingComputer NetworkingMP
McDonalds PatsiesFunnyMP
mission payloadGovernmentMP
Mornington PeninsulaLocal StateMP
Multi PlayerSportsMP
Northern Mariana IslandsStateMP
Modus PonensLatinMP
Multinational PublicationMilitary and DefenceMP
Moron in PaliamentFunnyMP
management planGovernmentMP
myenteric plexusBritish MedicineMP
Map ProjectMilitary and DefenceMP
metalloproteinaseBritish MedicineMP
Middle PositionComputer HardwareMP
Message ParserMilitary and DefenceMP
Multiple ProbabilitiesMathsMP

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