MP Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MP Full Form is Medium Prismatic

MP Full Form / Abbreviation Category MP Terms
Medium Prismatic Physics Related MP
matrix protein British Medicine MP
Managing Partner Job Title MP
Motion Picture Media MP
Melting Point Electronics MP
Mission Planner Space Science MP
myelopathy British Medicine MP
Minor Planet NASA MP
Magnetic Particle Physics Related MP
Market Place Stock Exchange MP
Mega Pixels Unit of Measurement MP
maintenance procedure Government MP
Mischievous Pease Funny MP
Mentors Plus Organization MP
Management Package Space Science MP
metal-piercing Government MP
Map Pack Military MP
Might Play Sports MP
Ministry for Peace Organization MP
Monetary Policy Banking MP
Metal Particulate Chemistry MP
Manpack Military and Defence MP
Military Police Police MP
multipurpose Government MP
Make Parameter Computer Assembly Language MP
Modular Powered Military and Defence MP
Mobile Phones Other MP
Marginal Product Business MP
Multipoint Processor (H.323) Computer and Networking MP
maintenance planning Government MP
membrane potential British Medicine MP
military personnel Government MP
Movement Penalty Sports MP
myeloperoxidase British Medicine MP
maneuver program Government MP
Multi Point Networking MP
Ministerio Público Guatemalan MP
Mystery Pog Funny MP
Mom Pops Internet Slang MP
main phase Government MP
Millennium Peace 2000 Organization MP
Magic Packet Funny MP
materiel professional , 24 Government MP
Material for Promotion Job Title MP
multiprocessor Government MP
Multi Precision Computer Assembly Language MP
Measuring Point Space Science MP
MathPower Organization MP
Madhya Pradesh Electronics MP
Union Pacific Railroad Company Regional Railroad MP
Multi Processing Computing MP
Members of Parliamentormilitary  Military and Defence MP
Magic Points Sports MP
Multi Processor Computing MP
My Pleasure Internet Slang MP
metoprolol British Medicine MP
Memorial Pavilion Medical MP
Metropolis Project Organization MP
Multi Phonon Electronics MP
Metroid Prime Business Firm MP
Missouri Preservation Organization MP
Modular Portal Networking MP
Mind Points Military and Defence MP
Mobile Processor Telecommunication MP
Missing Person Law MP
Mohonk Preserve Organization MP
Mana Points Sports MP
multiple processors Government MP
Master Plan Military MP
Metal Particle Chemistry MP
Military Police (army and Marine) Military and Defence MP
Machu Picchu Organization MP
Monolith Productions Business Firm MP
Massively Parallel Computing MP
Mod Package Space Science MP
More Pension Job Title MP
mitral prolapse British Medicine MP
manpower and personnel Government MP
molecular pathology British Medicine MP
Multi Protocol Computer Networking MP
Mass Properties NASA MP
Multifunction Panel Space Science MP
Modulation Parameter Computer and Networking MP
Mega Pixel  Other MP
Multieditor Professional Job Title MP
Member of Parliament Police MP
manpower plan Government MP
mission profile Government MP
mobilization plan Government MP
Mountain Patrol Law MP
Multi-polarized Electronics MP
Machine Pistol Military MP
My Problem University MP
Movement Planner Military and Defence MP
Multiple Processor Computing MP
MELAPPALAIYAM Indian Railway Station MP
maintenance plan Government MP
Monty Python Funny MP
Mr Piggy Funny MP
Maximum Power Electronics MP
Mobility Plus Military and Defence MP
Mile Point Sports MP
Medium Pressure Chemistry MP
Meteorology Panel Space Science MP
Multi Physics Physics Related MP
Multi Purpose Military MP
Movie (mpeg Compressed) File Type MP
Money Pit Accounting MP
Marshalling Points Military and Defence MP
my place Texting MP
male pseudohermaphroditism British Medicine MP
Modal Particle Physics Related MP
Manuj Prem Organization MP
Metal Poor Chemistry MP
minimum phase Government MP
message processing Government MP
Message Passing Computer Networking MP
McDonalds Patsies Funny MP
mission payload Government MP
multipole Government MP
Mornington Peninsula Local State MP
Multi Player Sports MP
Northern Mariana Islands State MP
Modus Ponens Latin MP
Multinational Publication Military and Defence MP
Multiprocessing Computing MP
Moron in Paliament Funny MP
management plan Government MP
myenteric plexus British Medicine MP
Map Project Military and Defence MP
metalloproteinase British Medicine MP
Middle Position Computer Hardware MP
Message Parser Military and Defence MP
Multiple Probabilities Maths MP

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