Mp Full Form And Meaning

Member of Parliament – MP

MP is the voice of the public or voters. mp is the representative of the voters to a parliament. MP is the belonging to the political party. A Member of Parliament is any member of the Indian Parliament called Sansad.
Two Types OF Sansad

  • Lok Sabha – Term Period 5 years
  • Rajya Sabha – Term Period 6 years

MP Full Form is

MP Full Form / MeaningCategoryMP Terms
Member of ParliamentcountryMP
Madhya PradeshStateMP
Magic pointArts and entertainmentMP
MultipremierArts and entertainmentMP
Multi playerGamesMP
Ministry of PlanningGeneralMP
Public MinistryGovernmentMP
Military policepoliceMP
Municipal policepoliceMP
Metropolitan policepoliceMP
Mandatory PalestinePlacesMP
Massive parallelismComputingMP
Media processorComputingMP
Microsoft ProjectComputingMP
Management PointComputingMP

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