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MRE Full Form / Abbreviation Category MRE Terms
Meal, Ready-To-Eat Military MRE
Multi-row Extended Maths MRE
Mara Lodges Airport Code MRE
Masters Of Real Estate Academic Degree MRE
multiple-responnse enable Government MRE
meal, ready to eat Government MRE
MANAURI Indian Railway Station MRE
Maritime Republic of Eastport Funny MRE
Morally Repugnant Elite Funny MRE
Modern Random English Educational Degree MRE
Memory Refresh Error Computing MRE
mid-range estimate Government MRE
Military Reporters And Editors Military MRE
Mostly Rotten Encouragement Funny MRE
Medco Research, Inc. NYSE Symbol MRE
A Military Ration Envelope Military and Defence MRE
Mara Lodges, Kenya Regional Airport Code MRE
Microbiological Research Establishment Laboratory MRE
McDonalds Religious Experience Funny MRE
Mean Relative Error Computer Software MRE
Meal, Rejected by Everyone Funny MRE
Many Regurgitated Entrees Funny MRE
Meals Rejected by Ethiopians Funny MRE
Meal Refusing to Exist Funny MRE
Master Of Real Estate Academic Degree MRE
Minimally Radioactive Edibles Funny MRE

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