MUSE Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MUSE Full Form is Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sampling Encoding

MUSE Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryMUSE Terms
Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sampling EncodingMediaMUSE
Multi User Shared ExperienceInternet SlangMUSE
Medical Users Software ExchangeSoftwaresMUSE
Memory Upgrade And System ExpansionComputingMUSE
Music Uniting Students And EldersCommunityMUSE
Multi-user Simulation EnvironmentSoftwaresMUSE
Multi User Simulated EnvironmentComputingMUSE
multi-user shared environmentGovernmentMUSE
Museums User Survey EvaluationMuseumMUSE
Metropolitan University Scholar's ExperienceUniversityMUSE
Multiple Unified Simulation EnvironmentMilitaryMUSE
Miserable Ugly Spastic EntitiesFunnyMUSE
Medicated Urethral System For ErectionsPhysiologyMUSE
Music Unlocks Self ExpressionCommunityMUSE
Mobile Utilities Support EquipmentMilitary and DefenceMUSE
Mediated Understanding And Sensory ExplorationEducationMUSE

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