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MUSE Full Form / Abbreviation Category MUSE Terms
Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sampling Encoding Media MUSE
Multi User Shared Experience Internet Slang MUSE
Medical Users Software Exchange Softwares MUSE
Memory Upgrade And System Expansion Computing MUSE
Music Uniting Students And Elders Community MUSE
Multi-user Simulation Environment Softwares MUSE
Multi User Simulated Environment Computing MUSE
multi-user shared environment Government MUSE
Museums User Survey Evaluation Museum MUSE
Metropolitan University Scholar's Experience University MUSE
Multiple Unified Simulation Environment Military MUSE
Miserable Ugly Spastic Entities Funny MUSE
Medicated Urethral System For Erections Physiology MUSE
Music Unlocks Self Expression Community MUSE
Mobile Utilities Support Equipment Military and Defence MUSE
Mediated Understanding And Sensory Exploration Education MUSE

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