NAM Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

NAM Full Form is Vietnam

NAM Full Form / Abbreviation Category NAM Terms
Vietnam Misc NAM
Non-aligned Movement Political NAM
Numerical Access Mode Computer Assembly NAM
NAMRUP Indian Railway Station NAM
Namlea Airport Code NAM
national account manager USPS NAM
National Automobile Musuem Organization NAM
Name Space Modules (Novell NetWare) File Extension NAM
Naval Armaments Model Government NAM
Need A Medic Medical NAM
New Age Milhouse Music NAM
N-acetylmuramic Acid Chemistry NAM
Northwest Assistance Ministries - Houston Organization NAM
National Army Museum, London Military and Defence NAM
Northern Army Movement Military and Defence NAM
Network Assessment Model Military NAM
Namibia Countries NAM
National Arbitration and Mediation Other NAM
Network Applications Management Computer Networking NAM
Number Assignment Module Transportation NAM
Non Aligned Movement US Government NAM
Network Addition Modification Computer Software NAM
Nihilistic Animated Material Physics NAM
Navy Achievement Medal Award or Medal NAM
North American Region Transportation NAM
No Apparent Memories Physiology NAM
North American Mesoscale Earth Science NAM
National Association of Manufacturers Space Science NAM
Netware Application Manager Government NAM

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