NB Full Form Name

NB Full Form is Newborn

NB Full Form / Abbreviation Category NB Terms
Newborn Physiology NB
Noise Blanker Electronics NB
News Bulletin Electronics NB
New Born Physiology NB
North Beach Local State NB
New Britain Other NB
Napoleon Bonaparte Popular NB
New Balance Other NB
Neil Bogart Popular NB
North Bound Business NB
Text Document (nota Bene) File Type NB
No Bargaining Job Title NB
National Board US Government NB
New Bedford Local State NB
Nota Bene Latin NB
Neutral Buoyancy Space Science NB
no bias Government NB
North Broward Other NB
Nebraska Government NB
New Beginnings Organization NB
NetBall Sports NB
North Berwick Other NB
Navigation Base Space Science NB
Nominal Bore Military and Defence NB
Neuroblastoma Medical NB
NIMBHORA Indian Railway Station NB
No-bias Space Science NB
Net Benefits Business Position NB
Net Beans Other NB
No Ball Sports NB
Niobium Chemistry NB
Net Business Business NB
narrowbeam , 5 Government NB
North Branch Local State NB
National Battlefield US Government NB
Non Blocking Sports NB
New Build Other NB
Navy Blue Colors NB
New Bridges Medical NB
Narrow Band Computer and Networking NB
Nitrogen Base Space Science NB
Naive Bayes Mathematics NB
narrowband Government NB
Non Blank Computing NB
Non Bank Law NB
New Blood Military NB
No Backup Law NB
No Break Education NB
Net Benefit Accounting NB

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