NBD Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

NBD Full Form is National Bank of Dominica

NBD Full Form / Abbreviation Category NBD Terms
National Bank of Dominica Banking NBD
Non Break Debug Computer Assembly NBD
Next Business Day Accounts and Finance NBD
Neutron Beta Decay Physics NBD
NAJIBABAD JN Indian Railway Station NBD
No Big Deal Internet Slang NBD
N B Capital Corporation NYSE Symbol NBD
National Bank of Detroit Business Firm NBD
Network Block Device Computer Networking NBD
National Baseball Day Day's Abbreviation NBD
Nucleotide Binding Domain Human Genome NBD
Nuveen Build America Bond Opportunity Fund NASDAQ Symbol NBD
No Bloody Infantry Military and Defence NBD
Nervous Break Down Physiology NBD
No Bodies, Dead Military NBD
National Bank of Dubai Business Firm NBD
Noyau de Base pour le Development Organization NBD

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