NC Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

NC Full Form is Networking Community

NC Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryNC Terms
Networking CommunityOrganizationNC
NACCO Industries, Inc.NASDAQ SymbolNC
non catalogedGovernmentNC
Non ConsensualLawNC
Normally ClosedElectronicsNC
Noise CancellingElectronicsNC
Natural ColorColorsNC
New CovenantReligiousNC
Non-conservativePhysics RelatedNC
Not CheapAccountingNC
Normal Corrective ManeuverSpace ScienceNC
Native CompiledComputer Assembly LanguageNC
Not ComingTextingNC
Non CollectibleAccounts and FinanceNC
No ConvergenceMathsNC
Northern CapeMiscNC
Not CompeteSportsNC
Non-complianceAccounts and FinanceNC
Newcomb CollegeUniversityNC
Northside ClinicMedicalNC
New Caledonia (French)CountriesNC
Northwest CenterOrganizationNC
Network CodesComputer and NetworkingNC
No ConnectionTelecomNC
National CoarseSpace ScienceNC
Naming ContextComputer NetworkingNC
Cams Instructions for Numerical Control MachineFile TypeNC
No CheckComputer SecurityNC
no carryGovernmentNC
Noise CancellationComputer HardwareNC
no coilGovernmentNC
Not CommencedMilitary and DefenceNC
Numerical CalculationMathsNC
No Comment!Internet SlangNC
Not CalculableMathsNC
No changePhysiologyNC
Network ControlComputer NetworkingNC
nonrecurring costGovernmentNC
Not ConvergedMathsNC
National CollegeOrganizationNC
Unidata Netcdf Graphics FileFile TypeNC
Not ConnectedComputingNC
Natural CasingComputer HardwareNC
Neglected Mario CharactersFunnyNC
Nick's ClassFunnyNC
Node CenterMilitaryNC
No ConnectNetworkingNC
No ColumnDatabase ManagementNC
Net CentricMilitaryNC
New CollegeOrganizationNC
Next CallTelecommunicationNC
No CorrelationMathsNC
Node ControllerNetworkingNC
Nolo ContendereLawNC
Nikkei ConcernsOrganizationNC
No ConcernCommunityNC
New CoherencePhysics RelatedNC
Network ChannelTelecomNC
Narrows CrossingOrganizationNC
CSX Transportation IncorporatedRegional RailroadNC
Numerical ControlElectronicsNC
Northumberland CollegeOrganizationNC
North CarolinaLawNC
Nodan ClubOrganizationNC
No CompromiseUS GovernmentNC
No ContactMilitary and DefenceNC
narrowbeam coverageGovernmentNC
New ClockComputer Assembly LanguageNC
Noble CauseOrganizationNC
Non CreditAMEX SymbolNC
Northern CaliforniaRegionalNC
No CreditAccountingNC
Non CompensatableMilitary and DefenceNC
narrow coverageGovernmentNC
No CashAccounts and FinanceNC
New CaledoniaOtherNC
No ClassUniversityNC
Not CompatibleComputer NetworkingNC
Neutral CurrentElectronicsNC
North CentralCountry SpecificNC
No CouponStock ExchangeNC
Norvic ClinicMedicalNC
Geos Non-error-checking Pre-processed Goc Source Code FileFile TypeNC
New CropFarmingNC
NOAA CorpsOcean ScienceNC
Northland CaresOrganizationNC
Nyingma CentersOrganizationNC
Non CompetitiveSportsNC
No ClobberDatabase ManagementNC
Neville CenterOrganizationNC
Nodal ControllerMilitary and DefenceNC
Nurse CorpsMilitary and DefenceNC
Not ClearTransportationNC
Not CountedChemistryNC
Neill ConcelmanNetworkingNC
Network ComputerComputer NetworkingNC
Non-chargeableComputer HardwareNC
numerically controlledGovernmentNC
Nitro CelluloseChemistryNC
No ClueLawNC
No ConductorElectronicsNC
Norton CripplesFunnyNC
Nordic CombinedSportsNC
Agency, 2GovernmentNC
Northampton CollegeOrganizationNC
No CommentMediaNC
noise criteriaGovernmentNC
Newcastle CollegeOrganizationNC
Network ComputingComputer NetworkingNC
Nickel CadmiumChemistryNC
Night CougarFunnyNC

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