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NE Full Form / Abbreviation Category NE Terms
Network Element Telecom NE
Not Eligible Sports NE
Non Exempt US Government NE
Noble Corporation NASDAQ Symbol NE
Neuch√Ętel Italian NE
Network Edition Networking NE
Noble Drilling Corporation NYSE Symbol NE
Not Evaluated University NE
Network Equipment Computer Networking NE
Northern England Other NE
Nebraska State NE
Network Engineers Networking NE
network monitor Government NE
No Excuse Military NE
Nameless Ensign Military and Defence NE
Naval Escort Military and Defence NE
Niger Countries NE
Non Equilibrium Chemistry NE
No Escape Other NE
Network Encryption Computer Security NE
Number of Elements Electronics NE
Narconon Europe Organization NE
Night Elves Other NE
Nepali Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode NE
Network Entity Computer and Networking NE
New England Regional NE
Nuclear Energy Chemistry NE
New Executive Business NE
New Everything Internet Slang NE
No Evidence Law NE
Not Equal Computer Assembly NE
No Exception Computer Assembly NE
New Eden Country Specific NE
Near Earth NASA NE
New Entry Computing NE
National Education US Government NE
Network for Elders Organization NE
New England Patriots NFL Team NE
North-East Acedemic & Science NE
New Edition Music NE
No Excuses US Government NE
Netherlands Antilless, 3 Government NE
Neon Chemistry NE
Number Of Electrons Chemistry NE
North East Other NE
Nerve ending Physiology NE

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