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NM Full Form is Not Much

NM Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryNM Terms
Not MuchUnit of MeasurementNM
not markedGovernmentNM
Not MentionedPhysiologyNM
Nepal ManchOrganizationNM
Never MindInternet SlangNM
Not MeasuredPhysiologyNM
no missionGovernmentNM
New MessagesInternet SlangNM
Normalized MinutesMeasurement UnitNM
Non-mechanicalPhysics RelatedNM
Near MintHobbyNM
Not ModulatedRadio ScienceNM
no markGovernmentNM
Number MachineMathsNM
Network ManagementMilitaryNM
Nieuw MedisterMedicalNM
Not MineLawNM
No MeaningMathsNM
Not MisclassifiedMilitary and DefenceNM
Normal ModeComputingNM
National Mediation Board, Department of LaborGovernmentNM
National MatchSportsNM
No MessageInternet SlangNM
Newton metrePhysicsNM
Network MarketingBusinessNM
Number MetricMathsNM
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.NASDAQ SymbolNM
Nearest MeanMathsNM
Novice MiddleJob TitleNM
New MexicoStateNM
Not MeaningfulStock ExchangeNM
Notorious MonsterFunnyNM
Net ManagerComputer TechnologyNM
Nonlinear ModelMathsNM
New MapsetMathsNM
Noise MarginElectronicsNM
noise meterGovernmentNM
New MaterialBusiness PositionNM
Newton MeterUnit of MeasurementNM
Non MetallicPhysicsNM
Negative MediumMathsNM
Never MarriedInternet SlangNM
Net MarginAccounts and FinanceNM
No MoreLawNM
Nothing MuchSMSNM
Non-magneticPhysics RelatedNM
Networked MediaNetworkingNM
Not MeasurableMathsNM
Non-metallicSpace ScienceNM
Nano ModifiedPhysics RelatedNM
Nautical MilesUnit of MeasurementNM
Non MagneticPhysicsNM
network managerGovernmentNM
NAIMISHARANYAIndian Railway StationNM
No MotionPhysics RelatedNM
Normal MetalChemistryNM
Named MonsterFunnyNM
News ManagerJob TitleNM
No MatterMessagingNM
No MassPhysics RelatedNM
Nipper MapFunnyNM
Non-momentPhysics RelatedNM
night messageGovernmentNM
Nautical MileUnit of MeasurementNM

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