nm Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

NM Full Form is Not Much

NM Full Form / Abbreviation Category NM Terms
Not Much Unit of Measurement NM
not marked Government NM
Not Mentioned Physiology NM
Neuromuscular Physiology NM
Nepal Manch Organization NM
Never Mind Internet Slang NM
Not Measured Physiology NM
no mission Government NM
New Messages Internet Slang NM
Names Misc NM
Normalized Minutes Measurement Unit NM
Non-mechanical Physics Related NM
Near Mint Hobby NM
Not Modulated Radio Science NM
no mark Government NM
Number Machine Maths NM
Network Management Military NM
Nieuw Medister Medical NM
Not Mine Law NM
No Meaning Maths NM
Not Misclassified Military and Defence NM
Normal Mode Computing NM
National Mediation Board, Department of Labor Government NM
Non-markovian Maths NM
National Match Sports NM
No Message Internet Slang NM
Newton metre Physics NM
Network Marketing Business NM
Number Metric Maths NM
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. NASDAQ Symbol NM
Nearest Mean Maths NM
Novice Middle Job Title NM
New Mexico State NM
Nanometer Physics NM
Not Meaningful Stock Exchange NM
Notorious Monster Funny NM
Net Manager Computer Technology NM
Nonlinear Model Maths NM
New Mapset Maths NM
Noise Margin Electronics NM
noise meter Government NM
New Material Business Position NM
Non-monotonic Maths NM
Newton Meter Unit of Measurement NM
Non Metallic Physics NM
Negative Medium Maths NM
Non-metal Chemistry NM
Never Married Internet Slang NM
Net Margin Accounts and Finance NM
No More Law NM
Nothing Much SMS NM
Non-magnetic Physics Related NM
Networked Media Networking NM
Not Measurable Maths NM
Non-metallic Space Science NM
Nano Modified Physics Related NM
nonmetalic Government NM
Nautical Miles Unit of Measurement NM
Non Magnetic Physics NM
network manager Government NM
NAIMISHARANYA Indian Railway Station NM
No Motion Physics Related NM
Normal Metal Chemistry NM
Named Monster Funny NM
News Manager Job Title NM
No Matter Messaging NM
No Mass Physics Related NM
Nipper Map Funny NM
Non-moment Physics Related NM
night message Government NM
Nautical Mile Unit of Measurement NM

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