NR Full Form Name

NR Full Form is No Reaction

NR Full Form / Abbreviation Category NR Terms
No Reaction Physiology NR
National Record Sports NR
Non-Random Mathematics NR
Normal Range Physiology NR
Near Real Estate NR
Non-runner Sports NR
Nato (north Atlantic Treaty Organization) Restricted Military and Defence NR
Not Required US Government NR
Non-Redundant Electronics NR
Newpark Resources, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol NR
Non-recoverable Softwares NR
Nitrile Rubber Chemistry NR
Number of Restrictions Maths NR
Noise Reduction Electronics NR
National Register US Government NR
Not Reliable Military and Defence NR
Narrow Range Maths NR
NIPHAD Indian Railway Station NR
No Return Business Product NR
Nerve Root Physiology NR
Non-responsive Accounts and Finance NR
Number of Rows Computer Database NR
No Rewind Hardware NR
News Release Media NR
NMDA receptor British Medicine NR
Not Really Internet Slang NR
Not Rated Film Censorship NR
No Requirement Military NR
Numerical Recipes, The Art of Scientific Computing Maths NR
Naugatuck Railroad Regional Railroad NR
nuclear receptor British Medicine NR
Noise Rating Space Science NR
Nauru Countries NR
Naval Reactors Military NR
No Report Military and Defence NR
Net Revenue Accounts and Finance NR
Number of Records Computer Database NR
No Response Physiology NR
Nolan Ryan Popular NR
Northrop Government Supplier NR
Not Ranked Sports NR
Not Responsible Law NR
Night Raid Music NR
No Rules Sports NR
National Ranking Sports NR
Not Reported Military NR
No Rain Meteorology NR
No Reserve Accounting NR
nonregional, 6 Government NR
Not Reached Messaging NR
NumbeR Military NR
Not Rejected Military and Defence NR
Non-relativistic Physics Related NR
No Record FBI File NR
Non Resident US Government NR
Not Rpg (report Program Generator) Softwares NR
nonreactive Government NR
No Recoil Military and Defence NR
No Recall Military and Defence NR
Newton Raphson Maths NR
Nordstrom-Robinson (FEC) Computer and Networking NR
Nose Right Space Science NR
Not Recorded Chemistry NR
Network Resource Networking NR
Not Released Computer Software NR
nonrecoverable Government NR
nuclear reactor Government NR
National Review Media NR
New Recruit Military and Defence NR
submersible research vehicle Government NR
Noise Removal Electronics NR
non-resistance British Medicine NR
Not Recommended US Government NR
Northern Railway Indian Ministry of Railways NR
New Rich Other NR
Non Resumix Military and Defence NR

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