NRC Full Form Name

NRC Full Form is New Royal Calendar

NRC Full Form / Abbreviation Category NRC Terms
New Royal Calendar Government NRC
Northeast Recycling Council Organization NRC
NATO Russian Council Political NRC
non-unit related cargo Government NRC
Nexus Recovery Center Organization NRC
Noise Reduction Coefficient Transportation NRC
Nutritional Research Committee Laboratory NRC
Nuclear Regulatory Commission International Business NRC
Norwegian Refugee Council Non-Profit Organization NRC
National Research Corporation Other NRC
nonrecurring recoupment cost, 6 Government NRC
Non-Unit-Related Cargo Military NRC
No Right Click Computing NRC
Normal Rational Curve Maths NRC
Not Really Competent Business Position NRC
National Recycling Coalition Non-Profit Organization NRC
Network Reliability Council Computer and Networking NRC
NORAD Readiness Center Government NRC
Northern Refugee Centre Organization NRC
Non-recurring Cost Space Science NRC
National Registration Card US Government NRC
National Resource Center Other NRC
Network Reliability Center Telecom NRC
National Racing Calendar Sports NRC
Natural Resources Canada Other NRC
Crows Landing (ca) Airport Code NRC
National Response Center Construction NRC
No Regulatory Criteria US Government NRC
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Computer and Networking NRC
Northern Regional College University NRC
National Racquetball Club Sports NRC
National Ramah Commission Organization NRC
National Research Council Education NRC
Non-Reusable Container Transportation NRC
Naval Recruiting Center Military NRC
Norfolk Regional Center Medical NRC
Non-Recurring Charge Telecom NRC

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