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Here We Listing All Full Form and Abbreviation OF NTL. You can check the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, full forms and initialisms. full form and Acronym Finder allows users to find the NTL category like computers, technology, Organization, IT, Exam, biology, Sports, telecommunications, and the military. we have more then 15,000 full form data.

NTL Full Form / Abbreviation Category NTL Terms
No Technology Limits Technology NTL
Neural Theory of Language Physiology NTL
Nothing To Lose Military NTL
Not Tremendously Lovely Internet Slang NTL
Not Tournament Legal Sports NTL
National Transit Library Transportation NTL
National Trust Library Non-Profit Organization NTL
North Twin Lakes Elementary School School NTL
No Telephone Line Telecom NTL
Not Today, Love Internet Slang NTL
Nortel Inversora, S. A. NYSE Symbol NTL
Number Theory Language Mathematics NTL
North Twin Lakes Local State NTL
Newfoundland Transshipment Limited Transportation NTL
Not Too Long Texting NTL
None The Less Internet Slang NTL
National Training Laboratories Military NTL
Navigating The Library Internet NTL
Network Technologies, Limited Business Firm NTL
Nawips Top Level Military NTL
Nortel Inversora SA NASDAQ Symbol NTL
No Telephone, Love Internet Slang NTL
No Telephone Lines Telecom NTL
Nokia Telecommunication Limited Telecommunication NTL
Northern Telecomminications Line Telecommunication NTL
New Tel Limited Business Firm NTL
Newcastle Airport Code NTL
Williamstown Airport, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Regional Airport Code NTL

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