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OBT Full Form / Abbreviation Category OBT Terms
Order of the Burdened Tyger Award or Medal OBT
Open Beta Test Softwares OBT
Orlandos Best Tourism Community OBT
on-board training Government OBT
OakBrook Terrace Local State OBT
Oakland (md) Airport Code OBT
observer training Government OBT
Orgain, Bell, Tucker, L. L. P. Business Firm OBT
On-Board Time NASA OBT
Orange Bitey Thing Religious OBT
Off the Beaten Track Sports OBT
Ohio Bell Telephone Telecom OBT
Template (MS Binder) File Extension OBT
Ohio Bull Test Internet Slang OBT
Observant Misc OBT
Orange Blossom Trail Community OBT
Orlando's Best Tourism Business Firm OBT
Oregon Ballet Theatre Other OBT
On- Board Time Time Zone OBT

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