OC Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

OC Full Form is Open Collector

OC Full Form / Abbreviation Category OC Terms
Open Collector Electronics OC
Oklahoma City Misc OC
Optimum Compaction Maths OC
Organic Carbon Chemistry OC
Oxycontin Hospital OC
Open Cafe Organization OC
Olympic College Organization OC
On-condition Space Science OC
Osborne Court Medical OC
Outrageously Cute Internet Slang OC
Okeechobee County Local State OC
Open Circuit Electronics OC
Operations Controller Space Science OC
Observer Controller Military and Defence OC
Original Content Media OC
Outta Control Funny OC
operations communications, 17 Government OC
Odiyan Center Organization OC
Optical Carrier Computer Networking OC
Orrible Children Funny OC
operators console transfer channel Government OC
Oleoresin Capsicum Plasctic OC
operational capability Government OC
Oklahoma Christian University OC
Optical Connection Networking OC
Overclock Computer Hardware OC
officer commanding Government OC
Omak Clinic Medical OC
Operating Characteristic Electronics OC
operational condition Government OC
Offensive Crouching Sports OC
observer/controller Government OC
Obsessive Compulsive Physiology OC
Odessa College University OC
Operator Cutoff Telecommunication OC
Old Coherence Physics Related OC
Owens Corning NYSE Symbol OC
On Call Physiology OC
Own Character Internet Slang OC
Organized Crime Law OC
Ockenden Cambodia Organization OC
Operations Center Military OC
Operations Coordinator Space Science OC
Oliver Cromwell Popular OC
Orange Coast Geology OC
Organi Collegiali Italian OC
Overrated Claptrap Funny OC
Optical Cable Electronics OC
Oral Contraceptive Physiology OC
Other Contingencies Military and Defence OC
operational concept Government OC
Office in Charge General OC
Orbital Check Space Science OC
Old Clothes Clothes OC
Open Cup Sports OC
Optical Circuit Electronics OC
Object Container Softwares OC
Optimal Classification Chemistry OC
Olive Crest Organization OC
Other Characters Media OC
Over-clocked Computer Hardware OC
Orange County Country Specific OC
Ospedale Civico Medical OC
Orange County (California) Local State OC
Orient College Organization OC
outside circumference Government OC
Open Canvas Softwares OC
On Center Space Science OC
Ocean County State OC
Overclocking Computer Hardware OC
Of Course Internet Slang OC
Off Campus University OC
Open Canoe Sports OC
Of Christ Business Firm OC
Optical Channel Telecom OC
Off Center Business Product OC
Original Character Media OC
Out Of Character Internet Slang OC
operating curve Government OC
One Connecticut Organization OC
Occitan Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode OC
Organizing Committee Non-Profit Organization OC
Over Current Electronics OC
Out of the Country FBI File OC
Owens Corning Inc NASDAQ Symbol OC
Other Company Business OC
O Canada Music OC
Output Compare Computer Assembly Language OC
Ordnance Corps Military and Defence OC
Ogden Court Medical OC
observer computer Government OC
The Order of Canada Award or Medal OC
overcurrent Government OC
operations control Government OC
Oakwood Center Organization OC
Operation Channel Computer and Networking OC
Outrageous Chaos Funny OC
operational computer Government OC
Ocean City Unit of Measurement OC
Outrigger Canoe Ship Types OC

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