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OCA Full Form / Abbreviation Category OCA Terms
Organic Consumers Association Organization OCA
Orthodontic Centers of America, Inc. NYSE Symbol OCA
Oracle Certified Associate Certifications OCA
Ocean Reef (fl) Airport Code OCA
Originating Case Agency Number Law OCA
operational contracting activity, 8 Government OCA
operating cost authority Government OCA
Organization of Chinese Americans Non-Profit Organization OCA
offensive counterair Government OCA
original classification authority Government OCA
Over Clocker's Addiction Computing OCA
Offensive Counter Air Military OCA
Orthodox Church in America Other OCA
Operation Crossroads Africa Organization OCA
Oakland Charter Academy Organization OCA
Oceanic Control Area Ocean Science OCA
Open Checking Account Accounting OCA
Oxford Capacity Analysis Other OCA
Outstate Calling Area Telecom OCA
operational control authority Government OCA
Olympic Council of Asia Sports OCA
obstacle clearance altitude Government OCA
The Oregon Cattlemen's Association Farming OCA
Ocean Reef Club, Florida USA Regional Airport Code OCA
Originating Case Agency US Government OCA
Octagon Center for the Arts Organization OCA

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