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Overdraft – OD

The main and common Full Form of OD is Overdraft.
When overdraft occurs ?
if we withdrawn money from a bank account and the available balance goes below zero Then overdraft occurs. Then Bank Account Called “overdrawn”. if we have any prior agreement with the account provider for an overdraft, then interest is normally but we dont have any prior agreement then additional fees may be charged and higher interest rates are apply.

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What does od stand for

od Full Form / Meaning Category od Terms
Overdraft Banking od
Doctor of Optometry Medicine od
Osteochondritis dissecans Medicine od
Overdose Medicine od
Outside diameter Other od
Original dance Other od
Order of Distinction Other od
Online dating Other od
Occupation Double Other od
Old Diocesan General od
Olive drab Other od
Object Desktop Computing od
Optical disc Computing od
Orphei Drängar, Music od
One Direction General od
Oblivion Dust Music od
Off Diagonal Maths od
Omni-directional Radio Science od
Outside Dimensions Measurement od
On Duty Job od
Operator Dialed Telecommunication od

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