OD Full Form Name

OD Full Form is Occupational disease

OD Full Form / Abbreviation Category OD Terms
Occupational disease Physiology OD
Origin Destination Transportation OD
Open Door Medical OD
Orange Duck Funny OD
Optical Depth Ocean Science OD
Oh, Dear Texting OD
Ordnance Datum Other OD
Optical Density Ocean Science OD
Off Duty Police OD
Opal Diffuser Electronics OD
OD Indian Railway Station OD
Originally Detectable Physics Related OD
Oxygen Demand Physiology OD
Open Diary Computing OD
Orange Drink Food OD
Opus Dei Spanish OD
Operating Dispatcher Job Title OD
Office Depot Business Firm OD
Other Dimension Physics Related OD
operations directive Government OD
Osteochondritis dissecans Physiology OD
Operator Dialed Telecommunication OD
Overnight Deposit Accounts and Finance OD
Outside Diameter Electronics OD
Oxford Dictionary University OD
Operational Detachment Military and Defence OD
Omni-directional Radio Science OD
Oleaginous Diplomacy Country Specific OD
Olympic Development Sports OD
officer of the day, 6 Government OD
Operationally Determined Military and Defence OD
Off Diagonal Mathematics OD
Opinion Dominatrix Internet Slang OD
Overdosed Physiology OD
Olive Drab Military OD
Doctor of Optometry Medical OD
Orsud Development Organization OD
Order of Disorder Funny OD
Oxygen Drain Space Science OD
occupational dermatitis British Medicine OD
Officer of The Day Military and Defence OD
Outside Dimensions Measurement Unit OD
Operational Downlink Space Science OD
Organizational Development Business OD
Over Dose Physiology OD
Other Detainee Military and Defence OD
operational data dictionary/directory Government OD
Oxygen Medical OD
Optical Disk Computing OD
Over Draft Banking OD
Omni Directional Electronics OD
Once Daily Physiology OD
Open Drain Electronics OD
output data Government OD
Old Dominion Local State OD
On Duty Messaging OD
Open Democracy Non-Profit Organization OD
Organization Development Business OD
Overdraft Banking OD
Organizational Design Business OD
Operation Dignity Organization OD
Octal Dump Computer Assembly Language OD
Overdose Physiology OD
Orbit Determination NASA OD

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