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PAA Full Form / Abbreviation Category PAA Terms
Psoriatic Arthropathy Alliance Non-Profit Organization PAA
Polyacrylic Acid Chemistry PAA
Punx Are Alive Funny PAA
procurement of ammunition, Army Government PAA
Purdue Alumni Association University PAA
Piedmont Arts Association Community PAA
Polish American Association Non-Profit Organization PAA
Pa-an Airport Code PAA
Pan-African Association Organization PAA
primary assigned aircraft, 4 Government PAA
Prominent African Americans Community PAA
Primary Aircraft Authorization Military and Defence PAA
Pawtucket Armory Association Organization PAA
People Awakening Association Organization PAA
Personal Audio Amplifier Computer Hardware PAA
Phosphoric Acid Anodized Chemistry PAA
Professional Anglers Association Sports PAA
Potential Annexation Area US Government PAA
Pintle Adapter Assembly Military PAA
PATAS Indian Railway Station PAA
Papuan- Australian (Other) Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode PAA
Pennsylvania Automotive Association Business Firm PAA
Pet Allergy Association Veterinary PAA
Police Athletic Association Police PAA
Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. NASDAQ Symbol PAA
PublicAffairsAsia Organization PAA
Pan American Silver Corp. Toronto Stock Exchange PAA
primary authorized aircraft Government PAA
Placentia Art Association Organization PAA
Position Area of Artillery Military and Defence PAA

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