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PACS Full Form / Abbreviation Category PACS Terms
Partial Anterior Circulation Syndrome Physiology PACS
Workshop on Power- Aware Computer Systems Conference PACS
Passenger Automated Check-In System Government PACS
Pan American Climate Studies Ocean Science PACS
Pediatric Activity Card Sort Hospital PACS
Patriot Act Communications System Military PACS
Pan- American Climate Studies Meteorology PACS
Power- Aware Computer System Hardware PACS
Polar Acquisition and Control Subsystem Meteorology PACS
Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme Astronomy PACS
Pentagon Automated Communications System Government PACS
Pointing and Attitude Control System Space Science PACS
Protection Availability Continuity Scalability Computer Networking PACS
Personal Air Conditioning System Military PACS
Photodetector Array Camera Spectrometer NASA PACS
Cape Sarichef airport Regional Airport Code PACS
Power-aware Computer System Computer Hardware PACS
Peacemaking And Conflict Studies University PACS
Practising Attorney Confederate States Job Title PACS
Public- Access Computer System Internet PACS
Picture Archiving and Communications System Computing PACS
Primary Agricultural Credit Socity Banking PACS
Personal Access Communications System, Licensed Band Computer and Networking PACS
Picture Archiving and Communication System Government PACS
Professional Analytical and Consulting Services Business Firm PACS
Philadelphia Area Computer Society Computing PACS
Personal Access Communications System Computing PACS
Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer Space Science PACS
Picture Archiving And Communication Software Computer Software PACS

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