PAL Full Form Name

PAL Full Form is Phase Alternating Line

PAL Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryPAL Terms
Phase Alternating LineComputingPAL
Play And LearnEducationPAL
Personal Assistant for LeisureJob TitlePAL
Phase Alternate LineElectronicsPAL
Color paletteFile ExtensionPAL
Probleme Anderer LeuteGermanPAL
Paradox Applications LanguageGovernmentPAL
pedagogic algorithmic languageGovernmentPAL
Phase Alternation LineElectronicsPAL
programming assembly languageGovernmentPAL
programmer assistance and liaisonGovernmentPAL
portable, accurate, lightweightGovernmentPAL
Present Atmospheric LevelMeteorologyPAL
Privileged Architecture LibraryComputingPAL
permanent artificial lightingGovernmentPAL
Pedagogical Array LanguageSoftwaresPAL
PalatalizationAcedemic & SciencePAL
Police Athletic LeagueLawPAL
Personnel Allowance ListMilitary and DefencePAL
Plane Always LateTransportationPAL
Personal Assistance LinkInternet SlangPAL
program assembler languageGovernmentPAL
Programmable Array LogicComputingPAL
Parents Are ListeningInternet SlangPAL
Physical Activity LeaderSportsPAL
phase alteration lineGovernmentPAL
Personal Android LackeyFunnyPAL
preliminary allowance listGovernmentPAL
Presence and Availability ListMilitary and DefencePAL
Professionals for Active LearningOrganizationPAL
psychoacoustic laboratoryGovernmentPAL
Peer Assistance And LeadershipEducationPAL
Power- Assisted LiposuctionPhysiologyPAL
prototype application loopGovernmentPAL
Passive Activity LossAccountingPAL
Poor And LousyFunnyPAL
Permissive Action LinkMilitaryPAL
Protect All LifeMilitary and DefencePAL
Platform Abstraction LayerComputingPAL
PalanqueroAirport CodePAL
Protect A LifeLawPAL
PahlaviRegional 3 Letter LanguageCodePAL
Philippines AirlinesTransportationPAL
process assembly languagesGovernmentPAL
Physically Active LifestyleEducationPAL
Philippine AirlinesTransportationPAL
programmed array logicGovernmentPAL
PALASNERIndian Railway StationPAL
phase alternation by lineGovernmentPAL
Paducah and Louisville RailroadRegional RailroadPAL
Palmtop Application LibrarySoftwaresPAL
Project Ability LtdOrganizationPAL
Promoter of Administrative LeadershipJob TitlePAL
Peer Assistance LeadershipEducationPAL
Police Activities LeagueNon-Profit OrganizationPAL
Parcel AirliftUSPSPAL
projected average loss, 19GovernmentPAL
Policies Assets & LiabilitiesBusinessPAL
Programmatic Adjustment LoanAccountingPAL

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