PAL Full Form Name

PAL Full Form is Phase Alternating Line

PAL Full Form / Abbreviation Category PAL Terms
Phase Alternating Line Computing PAL
Play And Learn Education PAL
Personal Assistant for Leisure Job Title PAL
Phase Alternate Line Electronics PAL
Color palette File Extension PAL
Probleme Anderer Leute German PAL
Paradox Applications Language Government PAL
pedagogic algorithmic language Government PAL
Phase Alternation Line Electronics PAL
programming assembly language Government PAL
programmer assistance and liaison Government PAL
portable, accurate, lightweight Government PAL
Present Atmospheric Level Meteorology PAL
Privileged Architecture Library Computing PAL
permanent artificial lighting Government PAL
Pedagogical Array Language Softwares PAL
Palatalization Acedemic & Science PAL
Police Athletic League Law PAL
Personnel Allowance List Military and Defence PAL
Plane Always Late Transportation PAL
Personal Assistance Link Internet Slang PAL
program assembler language Government PAL
Programmable Array Logic Computing PAL
Parents Are Listening Internet Slang PAL
Physical Activity Leader Sports PAL
phase alteration line Government PAL
Personal Android Lackey Funny PAL
preliminary allowance list Government PAL
Presence and Availability List Military and Defence PAL
Professionals for Active Learning Organization PAL
psychoacoustic laboratory Government PAL
Peer Assistance And Leadership Education PAL
Power- Assisted Liposuction Physiology PAL
prototype application loop Government PAL
Passive Activity Loss Accounting PAL
Poor And Lousy Funny PAL
Performance Other PAL
Permissive Action Link Military PAL
Protect All Life Military and Defence PAL
Platform Abstraction Layer Computing PAL
Palanquero Airport Code PAL
Protect A Life Law PAL
Pahlavi Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode PAL
Philippines Airlines Transportation PAL
process assembly languages Government PAL
Physically Active Lifestyle Education PAL
Philippine Airlines Transportation PAL
programmed array logic Government PAL
PALASNER Indian Railway Station PAL
phase alternation by line Government PAL
Paducah and Louisville Railroad Regional Railroad PAL
Palmtop Application Library Softwares PAL
Project Ability Ltd Organization PAL
Promoter of Administrative Leadership Job Title PAL
Peer Assistance Leadership Education PAL
Police Activities League Non-Profit Organization PAL
Parcel Airlift USPS PAL
projected average loss, 19 Government PAL
Policies Assets & Liabilities Business PAL
Programmatic Adjustment Loan Accounting PAL

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