PCR Full Form Name

PCR Full Form is Power Change Request

PCR Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryPCR Terms
Power Change RequestSpace SciencePCR
Polymerase Chain ReactionHuman GenomePCR
protected cable systemGovernmentPCR
PANCHRAIndian Railway StationPCR
Progressive Community RadioMediaPCR
Payload Certification ReviewSpace SciencePCR
Puerto CarrenoAirport CodePCR
physical control spaceGovernmentPCR
program control registerGovernmentPCR
Police Control RoomTransportPCR
Protective Coating RemoverElectronicsPCR
punched card readerGovernmentPCR
Pen Character RecognitionComputer SoftwarePCR
Of Each HundredMeasurement UnitPCR
Peak Cell RateTelecomPCR
Project Completion ReportUS GovernmentPCR
Packet Completion RateMilitaryPCR
Post Creative RationalizationLawPCR
Put Call RatioStock ExchangePCR
Preliminary Chain ReactionPhysicsPCR
Precisional Close RacingFile TypePCR
Partido Comunista RevolucionarioSpanishPCR
procurement center representativeGovernmentPCR
Puerto Carreno, ColombiaRegional Airport CodePCR
Puerto Carreno airportRegional Airport CodePCR
Personnel Calculation RuleBusinessPCR
projected communications requirementGovernmentPCR
Prostate Cancer ResearchOncologyPCR
Partido Comunista ReconstituidoSpanishPCR
production center responseGovernmentPCR
production cost requirementGovernmentPCR
Polymerase Chain Reaction OtherPCR
Payload Checkout RoomSpace SciencePCR
photoconductive relayGovernmentPCR
Pretty Crazy RelativesFunnyPCR
Program Clock ReferenceComputer and NetworkingPCR
Peoplesoft CRM ReplicatorComputer SoftwarePCR
program change requestGovernmentPCR
Payload Changeout RoomNASAPCR
Politically Correct RifleFunnyPCR
peer code reviewGovernmentPCR
Project Control RoomSpace SciencePCR
Perini CorporationAMEX SymbolPCR
Pre-hospital Care ReportMedicalPCR
Principle component regressionElectronicsPCR
Pediatric Cancer ResearchOncologyPCR
problem change reportGovernmentPCR
procedure change requestGovernmentPCR
Preventive Cyclic RetransmissionComputer NetworkingPCR
Primary Contact RecreationSportsPCR
Postal Carrier RouteUS GovernmentPCR
publication change requestGovernmentPCR
Post- Consumer ResinPlascticPCR

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