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PDA Full Form / Abbreviation Category PDA Terms
Progressive Democrats of America Political PDA
Pretty Darn Annoying Internet Slang PDA
principal developing activity, 14 Government PDA
Power Distribution Assembly Space Science PDA
Pretty Damn Awful Funny PDA
Print Shop Bitmap Graphics File Type PDA
Public Disturbance Agency Funny PDA
Preliminary Damage Assessment Military and Defence PDA
Propellant Drain Area Space Science PDA
Parenteral Drug Association Professional Organizations PDA
Personal Digital Assistant Hardware PDA
preliminary design approval Government PDA
Personal Digital Assistant or Personal Data Assistant Electronic Device PDA
Pretty Darn Awesome Internet Slang PDA
push down automaton Government PDA
Protocol Decode Architecture Computer Networking PDA
Bitmap graphics File Extension PDA
Playwright, Director, and Actor Job Title PDA
Players Development Academy Sports PDA
Pretty Darn Aggravating Funny PDA
Public Display of Accessories Funny PDA
Puerto Inirida, Colombia Regional Airport Code PDA
Particularly Difficult Asset Military and Defence PDA
Pregnancy Discrimination Act Misc PDA
post-defection acceleration Government PDA
precision drive axis Government PDA
Participatory Development Appraisal Job Title PDA
Pocket Doodling Appendix Funny PDA
Push Down Automata Softwares PDA
Professional Dork Association Funny PDA
principal decision authority Government PDA
principal developing agency Government PDA
Price Drops Afterwards Funny PDA
predocketed application Government PDA
preliminary design authorization Government PDA
principal development activity Government PDA
Preliminary Design Audit Space Science PDA
Pretty Darned Affordable Real Estate PDA
Primary Digital Asset Computer Hardware PDA
Personal Distraction Assistant Funny PDA
Playwright Director and Actor Business Position PDA
Puerto Inirida Airport Code PDA
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Other PDA
Printed Disc Antenna Electronics PDA
Patent Ductus Arteriosus Physiology PDA
Procurement Defense Agency Government PDA
Primary Data Assistant Job Title PDA
Professional Diary Accessory Electronics PDA
President's Distinguished Area Toastmaster PDA
Posterior Descending Artery Medical PDA
Personal Disease Agents Disease PDA
Public Display of Affection US Government PDA
PUNDOOAH Indian Railway Station PDA
Pinoy Dream Academy Other PDA
Pretty Darn Affordable Accounts and Finance PDA
Part Design Approval Military PDA
Personal Data Assistant Military PDA
Public Displays Of Affection Business PDA

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