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PEC Full Form / Abbreviation Category PEC Terms
Pelican, Alaska USA Regional Airport Code PEC
Program Element Code Military PEC
PoliclĂ­nica de Especialidades en Chiapas Medical PEC
perivascular epithelioid cell British Medicine PEC
Post Education Consortium University PEC
Pondicherry Engineering College University PEC
Plano Estratégico Conjunto Spanish PEC
PENCHARTHAL Indian Railway Station PEC
People's Emergency Center Organization PEC
Professional Educational Conference Conference PEC
Peripheral Event Controller Computer Networking PEC
President's Export Council International Business PEC
Pacific Eye Clinic Business Firm PEC
Priesthood Executive Committee Other PEC
Pelican (ak) Airport Code PEC
Parallel Elastic Component Medical PEC
Professional Education Center Military and Defence PEC
Perfect Electric Conductor plate Electronics PEC
Pennsylvania Environmental Council Organization PEC
Pedernales Electric Cooperative Other PEC
Partido Estat Catala Political PEC
Projects & Equipment Corporation Limited Miniratna Central Public Sector Enterprise PEC
Perfect Electric Conductor Electronics PEC
Personal Embroidery Card Hobby PEC
Plain English Campaign Education PEC
Pentecostal European Conference Religious PEC

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