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PEI Full Form / Abbreviation Category PEI Terms
Push Effective Index Computer Assembly Language PEI
PERANI Indian Railway Station PEI
Priori Enterprise, Inc. Organization PEI
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust NASDAQ Symbol PEI
Prince Edward Island Canadian PEI
Pereira Airport Code PEI
Policlínicas de Especialidades de Irapuato Medical PEI
Prevention and Early Intervention Medical PEI
preliminary engineering inspection Government PEI
Poly Ethylene Imine Plasctic PEI
Petroleum Equipment Institute Chemistry PEI
Peace Entered Island Funny PEI
Primary Engine Instrumentation NASA PEI
Progetto Educativo d'Istituto Italian PEI
Progetto Educativo d'Istituto o Piano Educativo Individualizzato Italian PEI
Push Effective Indirect Computer Assembly PEI
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investments NYSE Symbol PEI
Polyetherimide Plasctic PEI
Polio Eradication Initiative Organization PEI
Phillips Eye Institute Medical PEI
Matecana airport Regional Airport Code PEI
Pereira, Colombia Regional Airport Code PEI
Principal End Item Military and Defence PEI
Photo Electronic Imaging Medical PEI
Private Equity International Other PEI
Permanent End International Organization PEI

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