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PETS Full Form / Abbreviation Category PETS Terms
prior to expiration of term of service Government PETS
Pet Education and Training Seminar Education PETS
Payload Environmental Transportation System Space Science PETS
PetMedExpress.Com, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol PETS
Proposed Endangered Threatened Or Sensitive US Government PETS
Positive Encounter And Tactics System Law PETS
P/l Experiment Test System (ksc) Space Science PETS
PetMed Express, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol PETS
Personal Entertainment Toy System Sports PETS
PEt Travel Scheme (proposed new import regulations for cats and dogs entering the UK) Veterinary PETS
Pocc Experiments Timeline System (gdsd and Spacelab) Space Science PETS
Primary Education Thinking Skills Education PETS
Personal Electronic Testing System US Government PETS
Personal Electronic Teller Of Stories Computer Software PETS

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