PHP Full Form Name

PHP Full Form is Personal Home Page

PHP Full Form / Abbreviation Category PHP Terms
Personal Home Page Internet PHP
Paul Hagan Productions Business Firm PHP
Peace Happiness And Prosperity Religious PHP
Phil-Pitt Steagles NFL Team PHP
Philip, South Dakota USA Regional Airport Code PHP
People Hate Perl Funny PHP
People Helping People Organization PHP
People Help People Community PHP
People Have Posted Internet Slang PHP
Philippine Peso Country Currency PHP
pound per horsepower Government PHP
Pretty Horrid Privacy Funny PHP
Partial Hospitalization Program File Extension PHP
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Information Technology PHP
Payload Handling Panel Space Science PHP
Photon Hypermega Phasor Internet Slang PHP
Pentcostal House of Prayer Organization PHP
Hypertext Preprocessor Computer Database PHP
Pretty Hot Programmer Funny PHP
Philip (sd) Airport Code PHP
Poor Hippy Poker Funny PHP
Parents Helping Parents Community PHP
Please Have Patience Internet Slang PHP
Pretty Hot Pig Funny PHP
Personal Hand Practice Sports PHP
Personal Handy Phone Electronics PHP
Push Harder Please SMS PHP
Palmetto Health Parkridge Medical PHP

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