PS Full Form

PS full form

The full form of ps is PostScript. ps meansform of line or a paragraph added after the signature of a letter. ps also used to indicate file name extensions.

Adobe Photoshop

The full form of ps is also Adobe Photoshop. photoshop was creted in 1988 by thomas and john knoll. photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS

PS Full Form is

PS Full Form / Meaning Category PS Terms
PostScript General PS
PlayStation Games PS
Panayiotopoulos syndrome Medical PS
Progeroid syndromes Medical PS
Pulmonary stenosis Medical PS
Police station Places PS
Proton Synchrotron Places PS
Pashto language language PS
public school Other PS
Print Server Networking PS
Processor Sharing Networking PS
Photoshop Softwares PS
Phone Service Telecommunication PS
Purchase Sale Accounts and Finance PS
Practice Sheet Sports PS
Presidential Suite Real Estate PS
Program Start Computer Language PS

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