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Reinforced Cement Concrete – RCC

History of RCC is François Coignet was a French industrialist of the nineteenth century, a pioneer in the development of structural, prefabricated and reinforced concrete. Coignet was the first to use iron-reinforced concrete as a technique for constructing building structures.

Behavior of reinforced concrete

  • Materials
  • Anchorage (bond) in concrete: Codes of specifications
  • Anti-corrosion measures
  • Key characteristics
  • Mechanism of composite action of reinforcement and concrete

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What does RCC stand for

RCC Full Form / Meaning Category RCC Terms
Reinforced Cement Concrete Constructions RCC
Radio Common Carrier Technology RCC
radio-controlled clock Technology RCC
Ringing choke converter Technology RCC
Renal cell carcinoma Medical RCC
Reinforced carbon–carbon Substances RCC
Roller-compacted concrete Substances RCC
Remote Center Compliance Technology RCC
Rape Crisis Center Organizations RCC
Roman Catholic Church Organizations RCC
Regional Cancer Centre (India). Organizations RCC
Red Cross of Constantine Organizations RCC
Red Cross of Constantine Organizations RCC
RCC Broadcasting Company Organizations RCC
Richmond Cricket Club Sport RCC
Ringwood Cricket Club Sport RCC
Radio Communications Committee Organizations RCC
Ramanujan Computing Centre Buildings RCC
Redcar Central railway station Buildings RCC
Rail City Casino Other RCC
Red Carpet Club Other RCC
Rescue coordination centre Other RCC

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