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RIC Full Form / Abbreviation Category RIC Terms
Reconciling in Christ Other RIC
Right Iliac Crest Physiology RIC
request authority to conclude Government RIC
Richard Community RIC
Richmond International Airport - Byrd Field, Richmond/ Williamsburg, Virginia USA Regional Airport Code RIC
instrumentation coordination Government RIC
Rockwell International Corporation Business Firm RIC
Redmond Imaging Center Medical RIC
Ricoh Fax format File Extension RIC
Recursos Inteligencia Competitiva Organization RIC
Recently Industrialized Country United Nations RIC
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Organization RIC
resource and implementation cooperative Government RIC
Re- Insurance Company Business Firm RIC
Richmond International airport Regional Airport Code RIC
Richmond International Airport - Byrd Field Transportation RIC
Ramakrishna Institute of Culture Organization RIC
resource identification code Government RIC
Request to Implement Change Computing RIC
Resistance Inductance and Capacitance Space Science RIC
routing identifier code Government RIC
Regional Instructional Coordinator Business Position RIC
Reuters Instrument Code Computer Hardware RIC
Regional Intersectoral Committee US Government RIC
Richmond (va) Airport Code RIC
Routing Indicator Code Military RIC
Requirements Integration Council Government RIC
Regiment Infantry Colonial Military and Defence RIC
Richmont Mines, Inc. AMEX Symbol RIC
Rhode Island College Educational Institute RIC
Radiocommunications Information Circular Telecommunication RIC
requirement identity code Government RIC
Rare Item Code Military RIC
Recognizable Interchangeable Combinations Computer Security RIC

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