RPM Meaning and Full form

Revolutions per minute

Rpm Means the number of rotations around in one minute. rpm are commonly used to measure the rotational speed. also rpm are determine the access time on computer hard drives. rpm is check of how many rotation of computer’s hard drive makes in a single minute.

Meaning Of Ad-sense RPM :- In term of Online Earning, RPM refers to the revenue you earn per thousand page impressions.


RPM = ( earnings / Total Page views) * 1000

example, a website has earned Rs.500 from 5000 page views

RPM = (500 / 5000) * 1000 = 100

RPM Full Form is

RPM Full Form / Meaning Category RPM Terms
Revolutions per minute General RPM
Revenue Per Mille General RPM
Racing Performance and Motivation Sports RPM
Raw Power Moves Sports RPM
Real Power In Motion Sports RPM
Radial Pressure Management business RPM
Rails Performance Management business RPM
Rotations Per Minute general RPM
Rotations Per Mile general RPM
Redhat Package Management Software RPM
Real Player Media Softwares RPM
Redhat Pakage Manager Networking RPM
RPM Package Manager Information Technology RPM
Really Poor Management business RPM

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