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SALT Full Form / Abbreviation Category SALT Terms
Standards-based Access service to multilingual Lexicons and Terminologies Computing SALT
South African Large Telescope Astronomy SALT
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Military SALT
Serving And Learning Together Military SALT
State And Local Tax Local State SALT
Strategic Arms Limitations Talks US Government SALT
Scripture And Leadership Training Religious SALT
Student Award For Leadership Training Award or Medal SALT
Southern African Large Telescope Astronomy SALT
Sound And Light Team Media SALT
system for analysis of laboratory testing, 5 Government SALT
Senior Awesome Leadership Team University SALT
Streamlined Alternative Logistic Transmission System Government SALT
Semi Analytic Liu Theory Maths SALT
Savior's Alliance For Lifting The Truth Religious SALT
Speech Application Language Tags Computing SALT
Speech And Language Therapy Academic Degree SALT
Student Activist Leadership Training University SALT
speech and language therapist British Medicine SALT
Sloping Agriculture Land Technology Farming SALT
Student Action Leadership Team University SALT
Scorpio Bulkers Inc. NASDAQ Symbol SALT
Supporting Arms Liaison Team Military SALT
Suse Advanced Linux Technology Computing SALT
School Accountability For Learning And Teaching Education SALT
Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Education SALT
Seniors And Lawmen Together Law SALT
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty US Government SALT
Sharing And Learning Together Education SALT
Strategic Alliance For Leadership Training US Government SALT

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