SAP Full Form

SAP Full Form is Systems, Applications & Products

SAP Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySAP Terms
Systems, Applications & ProductsSoftwareSAP
Segmentation Application PartComputer and NetworkingSAP
Safety Application Layer ProtocolNetworkingSAP
Service Announcement ProtocolNetworkingSAP
Sandipan Accepted ProtocolNetworkingSAP
System Application ProductSoftwaresSAP
Structural Analysis ProgramSoftwaresSAP
Systems, Applications, Products (
Systems Applications and ProductsSoftwaresSAP
SATTENAPALLEIndian Railway StationSAP
Single Auf PartnersucheGermanSAP
Soft and PrettyMessagingSAP
Simultaneous Algebric ProgramsMathsSAP
Service Access PointComputer and NetworkingSAP
Substituted Accounting PeriodAccounts and FinanceSAP
Surface Attack PermitCountry RelatedSAP
State Agricultural PlanBankingSAP
System Application ProcedureComputer and NetworkingSAP
System Area PointerNetworkingSAP
Session Announcement ProtocolNetworkingSAP
Start of Active ProfileNetworkingSAP
Sorry Ass PersonMessagingSAP
Safety Action PlanMessagingSAP
Systems and ProgrammingLanguageSAP
Systems, Applications & ProductsMessagingSAP
Systems, Applications, & ProductsMessagingSAP
Systems, Applications, and ProductsMessagingSAP
Systems, Applications, ProductsAccounts and FinanceSAP
Scientific Advisory PanelMilitary and DefenceSAP
Systems Assurance ProgrammerBritish AirwaysSAP
Special Access ProgramMilitary and DefenceSAP
Society for Applied PhilosophyCompanySAP
Seasonal Attribution ProjectOtherSAP
Start Aid PostOtherSAP
Sub Area PolicyCity PlanningSAP
Software Accounting ProgrammeAccounts and FinanceSAP
Substance Abuse ProfessionalsJob TitleSAP
System Alarm PanelSecuritySAP
Suspended Acoustical PanelCeilingSAP
Sustainable Agriculture ProgramOrganizationsSAP
Service Advertisement ProtocolAccounts and FinanceSAP
Special Applications ProgramOtherSAP
Statements On Auditing ProcedureAccounts and FinanceSAP
Services Administratifs ProteckOtherSAP
Standard Accounting ProceduresAccounts and FinanceSAP
Satisfactory Academic ProgressOtherSAP
Strain Arrestor PlateSpace ScienceSAP
St. Anthony ParkCountry RelatedSAP
Semi-armor PiercingMilitary and DefenceSAP
Secondary Audio ProgramElectronicsSAP
Summer Arts ProgramLocationsSAP
Standards of Academic ProgressVarious SchoolsSAP
San Pedro SulaAirport CodeSAP
Station Area PlanVarious LocationsSAP
School Age ProgramSchoolSAP
Systems, Applications and ProductsMessagingSAP
Senior Authorised EngineerPower industrySAP
Systems Applications ProcessingDatabase ManagementSAP
Santo AntCountry SpecificSAP

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