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SASS Full Form / Abbreviation Category SASS Terms
Supporting Arms Special Staff Military and Defence SASS
Single Action Shooting Society Sports SASS
Students Against Student Shootings Education SASS
system acquisition and services support Government SASS
Semi-auto Sniper System Military and Defence SASS
SIOP additive spare support Government SASS
Stereo Ambient Sampling System Electronics SASS
Short Attention Span Syndrome Education SASS
Students As School Security Education SASS
Students Against Starting Smoking University SASS
Season All Stuff Sauce Food SASS
Standard Army Survivable Shelter Military SASS
Stars Against Scandals Scandals Performing Art SASS
Stay Alert And Stay Safe Transportation SASS
Size And Shape Specifier Computing SASS
Stock Analysis and Selection Software Stock Exchange SASS
School Administration And Support Staff Education SASS
Screening Assessment and Support Services Community SASS
Skagafjordur Archaeological Settlement Survey Hospital SASS
semi-automatic switching system Government SASS
Speak And Spell Simulator Education SASS
Statistics And Actuarial Science Society Non-Profit Organization SASS
systems acquisition support services, 5 Government SASS

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