SCC Full Form Name

SCC Full Form is single cotton covered

SCC Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySCC Terms
single cotton coveredGovernmentSCC
Sanford Clinic CantonMedicalSCC
specialized communication carriersGovernmentSCC
Sonoma Citizens CoalitionOrganizationSCC
Santiago Canyon College'sEducational InstituteSCC
special coordination committeeGovernmentSCC
The Supreme Court of CanadaLawSCC
Sanford Clinic ChamberlainMedicalSCC
serial communications controllersGovernmentSCC
Shanghai Costom CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Seminole Community CollegeOrganizationSCC
Sandhills Community CollegeOtherSCC
single-conductor cableGovernmentSCC
SPADOC Computation CenterGovernmentSCC
Standard Cubic CentimeterUnit of MeasurementSCC
Standards Council of CanadaGovernmentSCC
Prudhoe Bay/deadhorse (ak)Airport CodeSCC
Strongly Connected ComponentComputer SoftwareSCC
Second Class CitizenUS GovernmentSCC
SITAPUR CANTIndian Railway StationSCC
Snow Canyon ClinicMedicalSCC
Save the Children, CanadaOrganizationSCC
Sea Cadet CorpsNon-Profit OrganizationSCC
Ship Control ConsoleMilitary and DefenceSCC
Solano Communty CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Msx Picture Bitmap GraphicsFile TypeSCC
Singapore Cosplay ClubCommunitySCC
Standards Coordinating CommitteeMilitary and DefenceSCC
Single-column CentimeterMeasurement UnitSCC
Self Compacting ConcreteBusiness ProductSCC
Stress Crack CorrosionPhysics RelatedSCC
Street Car ChaosFunnySCC
Supreme Court CasesMediaSCC
Sodor China ClayEarth ScienceSCC
Sneaky Canadian ClanSportsSCC
Safety Concept CarTransportationSCC
Shipping Coordination CenterMilitary and DefenceSCC
Signal Coupling ConductorElectronicsSCC
secure communications controllerGovernmentSCC
Short Course ChemotherapyOncologySCC
Sacramento City CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Suffolk Community CollegeUniversitySCC
Simple Cycle CheckingSpace ScienceSCC
Sound Custom ChipElectronicsSCC
Spartanburg Community CollegeOtherSCC
Stress Corrosion CrackingChemistrySCC
Source Code ClubComputingSCC
standard coordination committeeGovernmentSCC
Summerfield Community CenterOrganizationSCC
Standards Coordinating Committee (IEEE)Computer and NetworkingSCC
Sino Community CenterOrganizationSCC
Sport Compact CouncilTransportationSCC
Switching Control CenterTelecomSCC
System Control CenterMilitarySCC
Security Classification CodeMilitary and DefenceSCC
serial controller chipGovernmentSCC
Soft Computer Consultants, Inc.SoftwaresSCC
St. Cecilia's ChurchOrganizationSCC
Southeast Community CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Switching Control ComplexMilitary and DefenceSCC
Sudbury Canoe ClubSportsSCC
Somali Civil Rights CentreOrganizationSCC
Synchronized Command ControlMilitary and DefenceSCC
Single Class ChallengeSportsSCC
Southern Comfort ConferenceFunnySCC
Sanford Clinic CanbyMedicalSCC
Supply Chain CollaborationBusinessSCC
Seattle CityClubOrganizationSCC
Santiago Canyon CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Skirball Cultural CenterOrganizationSCC
School Connection CenterOrganizationSCC
Straight Character ChallengeSportsSCC
St Christopher's CentreMedicalSCC
System Console ConcentratorNetworkingSCC
Standard Cubic CentimetersSpace ScienceSCC
Shipping Container CodeTransportationSCC
Serial Communication ControllerComputer NetworkingSCC
Safety Control CenterSpace ScienceSCC
special computation centerGovernmentSCC
Sephardic Community CenterOrganizationSCC
Source Code ControlComputer SoftwareSCC
Deadhorse airportRegional Airport CodeSCC
Solano Community CollegeUniversitySCC
Spokane Community CollegeOtherSCC
Sanatorio Castellanos de CoatzacoalcosMedicalSCC
synchronous channel check ,GovernmentSCC
specialized common carrierGovernmentSCC
Strathcona Community CentreMedicalSCC
Source Control CodeSoftwaresSCC
simulation control centerGovernmentSCC
Sports Clubs CommitteeSportsSCC
Simplified C CompilerSoftwaresSCC
SCSI controller commandsGovernmentSCC
Steven Curtis ChapmanPopularSCC
Southeastern Community CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Signal Conditioning CarrierRadio ScienceSCC
Santos Cross CountrySportsSCC
Sanatorio Cemsi ChapultepecMedicalSCC
Somatic Cell CountPhysiologySCC
Slidell Computer ComplexSpace ScienceSCC
Service Connection ChargesTelecommunicationSCC
submission control code, 17GovernmentSCC
Scottsdale Community CollegeEducational InstituteSCC
Sanford Clinic ClarkMedicalSCC

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