SCT Full Form Name

SCT Full Form is Sawraj Charitable Trust

SCT Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySCT Terms
Sawraj Charitable TrustOrganizationSCT
Sonoma County TaikoOrganizationSCT
Systems And Computer TechnologyAcademic DegreeSCT
stem cell transplantationBritish MedicineSCT
Software Computer TechnologyComputer SoftwareSCT
Systems Computer TechnologyComputingSCT
Single Channel TransponderMilitarySCT
sentence completion testBritish MedicineSCT
Scitex CT bitmapFile ExtensionSCT
spinal cord traumaBritish MedicineSCT
Syracuse Children's TheatreOrganizationSCT
soldier crew tent, 6GovernmentSCT
Secretaría de Comunicaciones y TransporteMexicanSCT
sickle cell traitHuman GenomeSCT
Mexican Ministry of Communications and TransportsComputer and NetworkingSCT
'Mail and Telegraph Union'GuatemalanSCT
South Coast TechnologyTechnologySCT
scattering telescopeGovernmentSCT
Sertoli cell tumourBritish MedicineSCT
Super Clean TechnologyTechnologySCT
Socotra, Republic of YemenRegional Airport CodeSCT
Scanning TelescopeSpace ScienceSCT
Strathclyde Compression TransformComputer and NetworkingSCT
Samarpan Charitable TrustOrganizationSCT
Shipping Coordination TeamMilitary and DefenceSCT
Sioux City Terminal RailwayRegional RailroadSCT
Schmidt Cassegrain TelescopeAstronomySCT
Safety Controls TechnologyTechnologySCT
Socotra airportRegional Airport CodeSCT
SENGOTTAIIndian Railway StationSCT
Sampson Community TheaterOrganizationSCT
Stability Control TechnologyTechnologySCT
SocotraAirport CodeSCT
SciTex continuous tone image formatElectronicsSCT
Seattle Children's TheatreOrganizationSCT
Sradhanjali Charitable TrustOrganizationSCT
Suyam Charitable TrustOrganizationSCT
Suffolk County TransitOtherSCT
satellite communications terminalGovernmentSCT
Simple Control Transmission ProtocolComputer and NetworkingSCT
Sevagam Charitable TrustOrganizationSCT
FoxPro Additional screen description fileFile ExtensionSCT
Southern Cross TenOtherSCT
system compatibility testGovernmentSCT

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