SF Full Form Name

SF Full Form is service factor

SF Full Form / Abbreviation Category SF Terms
service factor Government SF
Small Forward Other SF
Supremely Frustrating Internet Slang SF
Step Frequency Electronics SF
Shahjahan Foundation Organization SF
Ircam Sound File File Type SF
Sound Factory Business Firm SF
Shield Fusion Physics Related SF
Sos Foundation Organization SF
synthetic forces Government SF
Strong Field Physics SF
Siddiqui Foundation Organization SF
Schrodinger Functional Physics Related SF
Streisand Foundation Organization SF
Os/2 Wps Attribute Storage File Type SF
Sexy Female Internet Slang SF
support division, 20 Government SF
Sugar Free Food SF
Social Fusion Organization SF
Smile Foundation Organization SF
Structural Funds Accounting SF
Sliding Filter Space Science SF
Sword and Fist Sports SF
Speed Figure Physics Related SF
Stratified Fudget Softwares SF
Selection Filter Space Science SF
Savera Foundation Organization SF
Single Family Community SF
Spital Frutigen Medical SF
Speculative Fiction Media SF
Simple Function Maths SF
Square Foot Unit of Measurement SF
Source Forge Computer Software SF
structured finance Other SF
Samadhan Foundation Organization SF
Szab Foundation Organization SF
Special Forces Military SF
Shared Frameworks Softwares SF
Supervised Functional Job Title SF
Superframe Telecom SF
support flash Government SF
San Francisco Local State SF
Small Firm Business Firm SF
sampled filter Government SF
Soul Food Organization SF
Simple Flux Electronics SF
Srimangal Foundation Organization SF
Sparkplug Foundation Organization SF
Super Free Physics SF
Sesay Foundation Organization SF
Steer Foundation Organization SF
Sacrifice Fly Sports SF
Sujog Foundation Organization SF
Seniorenresidenz Friedau Medical SF
Smiles Foundation Organization SF
Senate File US Government SF
Shallow Faulting Earth Science SF
Soviet Finland Country Specific SF
Surfrider Foundation Organization SF
Spandana Foundation Organization SF
Star Field Space Science SF
Spreading factor Botany SF
Saarthi Foundation Organization SF
Sarpong Foundation Organization SF
Security Forces (air Force Or Navy) Military and Defence SF
Scojo Foundation Organization SF
Scale Factor Space Science SF
Short Form US Government SF
Stackelberg Follower Maths SF
Semi Floating Computer Assembly Language SF
School of the Future Organization SF
Small Farmer Banking SF
Satyamev Foundation Organization SF
Signaling Frequency Space Science SF
South Fork Earth Science SF
Semi final Other SF
Safety Factor Space Science SF
Sacatar Foundation Organization SF
School Food Education SF
sustained fire Government SF
supporting fire Government SF
Summed Frequency Electronics SF
spotlight flash Government SF
Soul Friends Organization SF
Swine Flu Hospital SF
Sanatorio Fresnillo Medical SF
Springboard Forward Organization SF
Safety First Organization SF
Science Fiction Media SF
Suomi Finland Regional SF
Scuderia Ferrari Sports SF
Swarnim Foundation Organization SF
Surcharge Free Accounts and Finance SF
Support Facility Computing SF
Synchronization Flag Computer and Networking SF
Sanctuary for Families Organization SF
Service de la sante publique - Fribourg Medical SF
Surface Friction Physics Related SF
Sequoia Fund Organization SF
SETTIGUNTA Indian Railway Station SF
Significant Figures Computer Assembly SF
System Field Database Management SF
Scaling Factor Maths SF
Stifel Financial Corporation NYSE Symbol SF
Symmetry Factor Physics Related SF
Super Fluorescence Electronics SF
Single Frequency Telecom SF
security force Government SF
sign flag Government SF
Spinal fluid Physiology SF
Square Feet Unit of Measurement SF
Signature File Computer Security SF
Static Force Physics Related SF
Solo Foundation Organization SF
Suppress Form Computer Assembly Language SF
Senehasa Foundation Organization SF
Social Functioning Community SF
start to finish Government SF
Structured Field Physics Related SF
Singular Field Physics Related SF
Sets For Sports SF
Square Footage Architecture SF
San Francisco Giants Sports SF
Seva Foundation Organization SF
Single Field Database Management SF
Shamrock Foundations Organization SF
Subcontractor Furnished Space Science SF
Silly Female Internet Slang SF
21st Street Foundation Organization SF
San Francisco 49Ers NFL Team SF
Store And Forward Computer Assembly SF
Sort Flag Computer Assembly Language SF
Structural Foam Space Science SF
Static Firing Space Science SF
Standard Form Military SF
Safe, R and Qa (r&qa), and Protective Services (ksc Directorate) Space Science SF
Schools Foundation Organization SF
Surface Features NASA SF
Shama Foundation Organization SF
Stanley Foundation Organization SF
signal frequency Government SF
stock fund Government SF
Supreme Fascist Misc SF
Service Field Database Management SF
Sunshine Faces Organization SF
Sempervirens Fund Organization SF
Skoll Foundation Organization SF
Snazzy File Softwares SF
Satyam Foundation Organization SF

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