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SHM Full Form / Abbreviation Category SHM Terms
Simple harmonic motion Other SHM
Self Help Magazine Medical SHM
Structural Health Monitoring Aircraft and Aviation SHM
Nanki Shirahama airport Regional Airport Code SHM
State Historical Monument Community SHM
Society of Hospital Medicine Professional Organizations SHM
short hold mode Government SHM
Swedish House Mafia Other SHM
Short- Haul Modem Telecom SHM
Nanki Shirahama, Japan Regional Airport Code SHM
Straits Hospital Melaka Medical SHM
safety and health manager Government SHM
Sanatorio HernĂ¡ndez Muro Medical SHM
Short-haul Modem Telecommunication SHM
Silver Haired Men Media SHM
Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AMEX Symbol SHM
Sport Horses Management Business Management SHM
somatic hypermutation Physiology SHM
Superior Highwall Miners, Inc. Business Firm SHM
Sean Hyland Motorsport Sports SHM
Sacred Heart Monastery, Richardton, North Dakota Religious SHM
Shell Macro File Extension SHM
Shek Mun, Hong Kong Country Specific SHM
Sturt Holdfast Marion Cycling Club Sports SHM
Sun Hill Massive Community SHM
SHALIMAR Indian Railway Station SHM
Shirahama Airport Code SHM
School of Health Management University SHM
semantical hierarchy model Government SHM
School of Hospitality Management University SHM
Stay Home Monitoring Community SHM

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