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SHR Full Form / Abbreviation Category SHR Terms
superheterodyne receiver Government SHR
SIHORA ROAD Indian Railway Station SHR
Schering AG American Depositary Receipts NYSE Symbol SHR
Sheridan (wy) Airport Code SHR
Short Home Room Education SHR
Shift Logical Right Computer Assembly SHR
Suburban Home Records Business Firm SHR
Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc. Business Firm SHR
Unix Shell ARchive File Extension SHR
Senior Health Resources Community SHR
Shore Regional SHR
süßholzraspler German SHR
Southern Humanities Review Media SHR
Scottish Housing Regulator Real Estate SHR
Significant Hazard Reduction NASA SHR
School House Rock Media SHR
Sheridan, Wyoming USA Regional Airport Code SHR
Stanford Humanities Review Media SHR
Share Real Estate SHR
Self-Healing Ring Telecom SHR
Shares Stock Exchange SHR
Started Hunting Retriever Veterinary SHR

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