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SLM Full Form / Abbreviation Category SLM Terms
Service Level Management Business SLM
Single Longitudinal Mode Physics Related SLM
Sea- Launched Missile Military SLM
Small Loans Manager Business Position SLM
Service Lifestyle Management Business Management SLM
Sound Level Meter Electronics SLM
Silicon Light Machine (Company) Business Firm SLM
Simulated Laboratory Module NASA SLM
Signal Leakage Meter Telecommunication SLM
Salamanca, Spain Regional Airport Code SLM
Senior Living Management Business Management SLM
Service Lifecycle Management Business Management SLM
Subscriber Loop Multiplex Telecom SLM
Secondary Logistics Management Military SLM
statistical learning model Government SLM
SeaLift Magazine Media SLM
Usaf School for Latin America Military and Defence SLM
Statistical Language Model Computing SLM
System Library Manager Military SLM
Software Learning Mall Education SLM
Straight Line Method Banking SLM
S L M Holding Corporation NYSE Symbol SLM
Stock Level Management Transportation SLM
SLM Corporation NASDAQ Symbol SLM
Salamanca Airport Code SLM
selective laser melting Other SLM
Sustainable Land Management Business Management SLM
Salamanca airport Regional Airport Code SLM
SOMALAPURAM Indian Railway Station SLM
surface launch, 4 Government SLM
Signal Line Measurement Telecom SLM
Software License Manager Softwares SLM
Submarine- Launched Missile Military SLM
Sliema, Malta Regional Airport Code SLM
Spatial Light Modulator Electronics SLM
Sound Level Measuring Transportation SLM
Sea Level Measurement Ocean Science SLM

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