SLR Full Form

SLR full form

Full Form of SLR is Single Lens Reflex.

SLR refers to automatic moving mirror system. means photographer can see exact image which is going to be captured. the main advantage of SLR is we can change easily lenses to get perfect image.

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What does SLR stand for

SLR Full Form / Meaning Category SLR Terms
Single Lens Reflex Electronic Device SLR
Smells Like Records Sports SLR
Semi-linear resolution General SLR
Scalable Linear Recording Computer Hardware SLR
Sulphur Springs (tx) Airport Code SLR
Sorry, Late Reply Messaging SLR
Satellite laser ranging Satellite SLR
semi-automatic rifle General SLR
Sending loudness rating General SLR
St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad General SLR
Systematic literature review General SLR
Statutory liquidity ratio General SLR
Stanford Law Review General SLR
Sri Lankan Rupee Currency SLR
Self Loading Rifle General SLR

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