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SMM Full Form / Abbreviation Category SMM Terms
Scale Model Miniatures Business Firm SMM
Sam Missionary Ministries Organization SMM
Safety Monitoring Means Business SMM
Social Media Marketing Other SMM
Science Museum of Minnesota Organization SMM
System Manager's Manual Computer Software SMM
Sex, Money, Murder Museum SMM
Salient Midstream & MLP Fund NASDAQ Symbol SMM
Solar Maximum Mission NASA SMM
Studio Metal Master Music SMM
Semporna Airport Code SMM
standard method of management, Government SMM
Society for Marine Mammalogy Ocean Science SMM
shipment management module Government SMM
System Management Mode Computer Driver SMM
Surface Mount Module Military SMM
Serving My Master Religious SMM
Strategic Marketing Montreal Business Firm SMM
Ami Pro Macro File Extension SMM
Spatial Metadata Manager Computing SMM
Semporna, Malaysia Regional Airport Code SMM
Spectrum Management Methodology Computer and Networking SMM
Statistical Multifragmentational Model Physics SMM
Society of Marine Mammalogy Veterinary SMM
Shareware Music Machine Music SMM
Subsystem Measurement Management Space Science SMM
system maturity matrix Government SMM
SALIYAMANGALAM Indian Railway Station SMM
Shelley Machine & Marine, Inc., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Business Firm SMM
Sales and Marketing Management Business Firm SMM

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