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SOG Full Form / Abbreviation Category SOG Terms
Slip On Glove Sports SOG
Special Operations Group US Government SOG
Shards of Glory Military and Defence SOG
Sogndal, Norway Regional Airport Code SOG
Sogdian Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode SOG
Statpro London Stock Exchange SOG
Sensitive Operations Group Military SOG
Sergeant of The Guard Military and Defence SOG
Speed Over Ground Transportation SOG
Sons Of God Religious SOG
Sindicato de Obreros Gallegos Spanish SOG
Southern Ohio Graded Earth Science SOG
Sogndal Haukasen airport Regional Airport Code SOG
Southern Ohio Guns Hobby SOG
Sons Of Gestapo Military SOG
SO Genannt German SOG
Seat Of Government FBI File SOG
Speed Over the Ground NASA SOG
Studies and Observation Group University SOG
Studies And Observations Group University SOG
Sogndal Airport Code SOG
Shades Of Green Misc SOG
Sea Of Green Military SOG
Spin- On Glass Electronics SOG
Spin-on Glass Electronics SOG
Study and Observations Group Geology SOG
Soldiers Of God Religious SOG
Society Of Genealogists Education SOG
Shots On Goal Sports SOG
SURATGARH JN Indian Railway Station SOG
Skate Only Gang Sports SOG
Survivors Of Girls Internet Slang SOG
Son Of a Gun Internet Slang SOG

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